Ceramics are our constant companions. Through the simple act of drinking tea or enjoying food with our loved ones, the ceramics we use in our homes are deeply embedded in the fabric of our lives. They have the ability to transform our state of being. To comfort us, lift our spirits, form parts of our daily rituals and remind us to take a step back to be fully present in the intrinsic beauty and heartfelt nature of everyday moments. It is an experience that deeply engages the heart and mind. And a relationship that is strengthened with time and attention. 

Ceramics for the Heart and Mind 

Photo by: Laura Droße 

Photo by: Laura Droße 

Ichigo Ichie (一期一会)is a Japanese philosophy that refers to the transient, once in a lifetime nature of things. Not long after I started learning ceramics, I began learning and practising Urasenke Tea Ceremony.
I was deeply moved by the concept of acknowledging the beauty in fleeting moments. It is a philosophy that implores one to savour the richness and beauty in the simplicity of the everyday.
No two moments are the same, and we as people are always in the process of change. I am deeply conscious of this as I create small series of ceramics that are one of a kind and a constant reflection of my evolving creative heart and mind.

The Philosophy

Born and raised in Singapore, I remember first being inspired by photos of Japanese ceramics in a magazine. A few years ago, I started taking basic hand-building and wheel throwing classes before a sabbatical from work allowed me the time off to pursue my learning of ceramics further.  
Over the past few years, I had the chance to learn ceramics in Japan in the pottery towns of Seto, Tokoname and Tajimi for short term residencies. Through those experiences, I have been inspired by the strong culture of artisan craftsmanship that revolves around a deep respect for the heartwarming humanism of handmade crafts. 

For a few years till mid 2020, I was based in Berlin, Germany away from work on a sabbatical. During this time I've had the great opportunity to learn and practise in various independent and communal ceramic studio spaces. The multicultural environment was an eye-opening experience for me and I feel so blessed to have had the chance to meet and interact with artists, creatives and makers of different backgrounds, aesthetics and approaches to life. 
Each piece made by me is unique with subtle variations of form, texture, curves and will always be a reflection of my influences and ideals. It is through these eccentricities, asymmetries, and imperfections that I hope to share the warmth and intimacy of handmade ceramics. I hope that you will enjoy your time spent with these ceramics as they grow to become an intimate part of your life. 

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